Monday, January 30, 2012

Bata Fish curry with spicy Udad Dal Bori (Vadi)

One more authentic , popular Bengali cuisine made of Bata fish , Brinjal and Spicy Urad Dal Bori(Vadi)/Bata macher Begun ar Bodi die Shorshe Jhal.

Bata/Labeo bata(Bengali name: Bata) has its natural inhabits in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan. It is also found in river ,lakes, pond and similar water bodies. It is well known for its excellent taste and one of the most popular Fishes with a high market value because of its easy availability.

Udad Dal Bori/Vadi is one more delicacy used in a lot of Bengali dishes including Veg. They can be made spicy and non spicy ones. In this dish I have used the spicy ones made of Udad Dal, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, Red chili powder and black pepper powder. You should not add salt to the Boris specially used in making curries.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fish Upma

fish upma

This recipe idea clicked  just yesterday, when I was preparing upma for breakfast. In this recipe I have used 2 - 3 cups of assorted vegetables, like carrot, french beans ; now a days, we have a lot of flat beans (seem) growing in the backyard of our garden, used that too. I have added my own little twist , the chickpeas for a change, the outcome is superb ! You can try this dish without adding the fish, tastes equally great ! 

fish upma with vegetable

This is a wonderful side dish for chapatis . I could hardly manage a few clicks when my little one grabbed the plate and finished it :-)

scrambled fish

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Banana Flower with Moong and Fish head Recipe/Mochar Ghonto & a Happy Blogger Award

banana flower recipe

This is an authentic Bengali dish made of Banana flower, split yellow Moong beans /Moong dal and Fish head with some assorted vegetables. Adding moong to this dish definitely has its health benefits. Moong dal is considered a good "Body Builder" food for vegetarians.  It has a high source of protein and is very digestible,also contains very less fat as compared to other meat products. This dish can also be prepared without the use of Fish Head. Goes well  with Rice/Chapati.

banana flower with fish head

Those who are not familiar with Banana Flower , it is a large, dark purple-red blossom that grows from the end of a bunch of bananas. They are snugly enclose delicate, sweetly scented male flowers. The female flowers, which do not require fertilization to become fruit, grow further up the stem from the male flowers. Once the tougher, darker outer bracts are pulled away, the paler and more tender inner leaves are used in a number of dishes, prepared in a variety of ways.

banana flower

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Calcutta/Kolkata Fish Biryani

fish biryani

WELCOMING 2012 with this delicious Kolkata Fish Biriyani . 
The third in the list of famous Biryanis, Calcutta/Kolkata biryani evolved from the Lucknow style when Wajid Ali Shah, the last nawab of Awadh was exiled in 1856 to the Kolkata suburb of Metiaburj. He brought his personal Chef with him as he was very particular about his food. Due to recession at that point of time potato had been used instead of meat/fish. Later on that  became a specialty of Calcutta Biryani, though meat/fish is also served along with it.  As compared to other Biryanis Calcutta/Kolkata biryani is much lighter on spices . Even my daughter could enjoy it :-) 

calcutta fish biryani

I was inspired by ashmita's space to prepare this biryani. I have kept almost the same ingredients, but used my own methods to prepare the dish. I had plans to use Pomfret initially, but my father got a 5 lbs. Silver Carp today, so used that instead. 

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