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Guest Post : Quick & Easy meals and more awards !

Hello everybody !!!! In today's post I have focused on the importance of Quick & Easy meals . Be it work lunch breaks, dinner parties, family meals and many other aspects of our day-to-day lives can be simplified and made more enjoyable with easy meals.
guest post
This is a nice article sent to me by Carolyn , who's basically from Atlanta. She has shared some nice tips on cooking quick and easy Fish Recipes, which I felt might be helpful for everyone. In her words,
" While I was in college at the University of Texas at Austin, I realized that I was eating a lot of low quality food just because it was faster than cooking. I decided that I had had enough McDonald’s and Taco Cabana, and I began looking for quick ways to make meals. I started by looking up recipes online, and now I have just begun to develop my own little tricks and such."

Fantastic Fish Dinners on the Fly: Easy Meals for Busy Folks
These days, full schedules are a way of life.  Between work, kids, social obligations and having to take care of every little detail that keeps a house up and running, preparing a tasty, nutritious meal for the family seems too daunting to dare.  The key is to plan easy meals, and you’ll be able to keep everything under control.  Easy doesn’t have to come out of a box or freezer. Fish is fast to cook and a delicious protein with millions of simple sauce options just bursting with flavor!
If you keep a well-stocked spice rack and a few basic condiments in the fridge, any piece of fish can quickly turn into a family favorite in 20 minutes or less.  Grilled or broiled, pan seared or poached; a quality piece of fish is versatile to many different techniques and flavors.  Grab a bundle of asparagus or a bag of fresh spinach and sauté with olive oil and garlic or lemon and serve alongside halibut or mahi mahi with herbed drawn butter.  Cook fish however you like and heat 1 stick of unsalted butter in a pan, skim off the surface foam and add minced garlic, lemon juice and fresh chopped thyme or tarragon, salt and pepper to taste.  Your whole family will love this easy and simple dish, and you’ll know they’re getting essential omega-3 fatty acids.
For other nutritious side-dish ideas, check out what is in season for the best-flavored fruits and veggies to serve with your fish course. Also, the closer the fish is to your region, the less time it has spent traveling to you.  
If you have to debone or decapitate the fish, freeze the extra bones and bits to render a perfect fish stock for a great soup and stew base.  

Shrimp, clams, scallops and other shellfish are also a terrific and quick way to add a little protein and flavor to any simple pasta or noodle dish. With 3-5 minute cooking times, who doesn’t have a few minutes to sauté a dozen shrimp to top off dinner?  Try boiling angel hair or fettuccini pasta in a large pot and sauté scallops in butter, remove scallops and add lemon juice, garlic, fresh tarragon, thyme or basil. Then pour the herbed butter over pasta and scallops.  Top with Parmesan, fresh cracked pepper or red pepper flakes for spice.  For richer flavor, trade the butter in for bacon. Cook the bacon first and use the grease for the scallops.

Don’t think of cooking as something you need at least an hour or more to do. Whip up easy meals with any kind of fish, and leave everybody satisfied and begging for seconds!

If you find this article helpful , do share your thoughts so that I can come up with more such write ups. You are also welcome to share personal TIPS on easy Fish cooking. I would love to share them with everyone !!!!!!!!
Now coming to the award :
Manju@Manju's Eating Delights  has been so sweet to pass on this lovely  award  to me. Thanks a ton Manju for this kind gesture ! She has a wonderful space with so many unique and interesting recipes.


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